What To Expect

Player Dues

One of the most important questions is how much does it cost to play. The player dues for each Indy Crusaders player is $1,100.00. That cost includes uniforms, tournament fee’s, and shared costs with the other teams for field rentals, offseason training, and operating expenses (e.g. team insurance).

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes! Once a player has been sent an offer, they will need to sign a player contract and a waiver of liability form. Upon signing the player contract, an initial payment of $300.00 will be due to hold their spot on the team roster. Then each player has the ability to pay $200.00 each following month until the $1,100.00 total fee is paid in full.

Where is fall practice?

In the fall of 2023 (August to October), the Indy Crusader teams will be practicing at Brookside Park in Lapel, Indiana on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Specific times for each team on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be selected by the head coach once teams are selected.

Is there any offseason training?

Yes! The Indy Crusaders will be working with Robb Gunn at Iron Sharpens Iron gym on a 16 week program beginning in November. This will focus on strength and conditioning, but will also include mental preparedness for each of the players as well. The teams will also be having indoor baseball training (hitting, pitching, fielding) at The Strike Zone in Noblesville that will be one day a week beginning in January and going through mid-March.

Where is spring/summer practice?

In the spring and summer of 2024, the Indy Crusaders teams will be practicing at the Habig Fields which are located off of Carey Road (next to the Hoosier FC fields). The organization is also looking for additional field space to help with single and double header games, and those locations will be shared with all parents once finalized.

How many games can we expect to play in the 2023-2024 season?

For 8U, we anticipate playing 30-40 games. For 10U and 12U, it will be 40-60 games, depending on how many bracket tournament games the teams will play in. All teams will start with 5 tournaments on the schedule, but the coaching staff will have funds available to schedule additional tournaments based on player availability.

What will the tournament scheduling look like in spring/summer?

We realize that there will be instances where multiple players can come from the same family. Because of this, we will be scheduling tournaments on an every other weekend basis. For example, 8U and 12U will play in the same tournament the first weekend of the month. Then 10U will play in a tournament the second weekend of the month. 8U and 12U will play in the third weekend. 10U will play in the fourth weekend. Our hope with this type of schedule is that family units will be able to watch each of their players together, and not have to split up and travel to different locations, missing time to watch every game.